Belle adresse à Paris

Physical walls (tokens) of symbolic value in the best areas of the city. Places talk much more than people, revealing the truth lying beneath space design, the dominant principles ruling attitudes and behaviours. Whether money is exchanged or not.


Places inform actions and activities. Wifi and nature. An architect’s street for a change. Waiting for urban riots in North East Paris just like in London back in 2011, before the Olympics. The left-behinds of French society, de-socialized, left to their own device. Volcanic eruption coming soon. The city as an extension of our living space. Places where we go to eat, to relax, to meet up, to go for a pee, places spread all over the city. My space is under harsh constraint now, steadily reduced, so small it can fit into a tiny pocket. I’m not used to it at all, I am a conqueror of territories although I’ll never own them really, I just explore and appropriate them temporarily, for my own pleasure.

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